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Q. How do you fix a running toilet?

A. It is most likely the flapper in the bottom of the tank, which you can simply replace. Sometimes the chain can be too long and get caught under the flapper. The chain should be long enough to reach from the lever arm to the top of the flapper without pulling on it.

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Q. What can contribute to a high water bill besides leaking faucets and/or pipes?

A. Most leaks in residential plumbing systems are found in the toilet tank. These leaks typically result from worn parts or improper alignment of some part of the flushing mechanism. It is important to stop these leaks because they will cause an increase in your monthly water bill.

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Q. How do I know if my toilet leaks? What should I do?

A. Toilet leaks occur in two ways and are often very difficult to detect. First, the most common toilet leak and often hardest to detect is caused by a deteriorated or defected flush valve (flapper) or “tank” ball at the bottom of the toilet tank. If the flapper or ball valve does not seat properly and form a watertight seal, water will leak around it into the toilet bowl. Often, this leak will occur without being heard. Here is an easy way to check for flush valve leaks and in just minutes, you can find out if a toilet is wasting thousands of gallons due to an undiscovered water leak. Remove the tank lid, then flush. After the flapper/tank ball drops and the tank refills, add several drops of dark food coloring) or a Fluid master leak detector tablet. Wait at least 20 minutes. If any trace of color appears in the toilet bowl, there is a leak. The second most-common type of leak is caused by improperly adjusted or broken fill valve. If the float is set too high or the shut-off valve fails to close completely, water will continue to enter the tank and flow into the overflow tube. This type of leak can be seen simply by taking the tank top off and observing if water is flowing into the overflow tube once the tank is full. Excess water pressure can also have a negative effect on the operating system in your toilet. If you are experiencing either of these types of leaks and do not know how to fix them,

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Q. What should I do if I have a major leak in my home? Turn off your water in the event of an emergency.

A. If the leak is inside your home or you have a burst pipe you should first turn off your water supply at your main shutoff valve. If you do not have a main shutoff valve, or do not know where it is located, you may turn off your water at your meter in an emergency. It is advisable to contact California Rooter and Plumbing during such emergencies. If any damage has occurred, it is also advisable to contact your insurance company. Do not touch any wet electrical fittings – call in an electrician.

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Q. Why does my hot water smell like rotten eggs?

A. The combined presence of hydrogen, sulfur, and bacteria cause foul smelling water. The magnesium anode rod installed in the tank protects the tank surface but generates enough hydrogen to create an odor when it interacts with sulfur in the water or bacteria in the tank. Replacing the magnesium anode rod with an aluminum anode may minimize the problem. The most efficient method of eliminating the hydrogen sulfide odor is to control the bacteria. As a rule, chlorination of public water supplies kills the bacteria, but some private well systems may need to be purified by the use of chlorine injectors or ultraviolet light. This will destroy the bacteria Contact California Rooter and Plumbing for help.

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Q. If my drain is clogged, shouldn’t I use a chemical drain cleaner before I call a Plumber?

A. We do not recommend this for several reasons; most drain chemicals are very toxic in nature, not a good thing to keep around the home if you have children or pets. If they do make it down the drain, we are contributing to global pollution. The toxic chemicals can also have a negative effect on your piping as well. Over time, these chemicals may deteriorate your pipes from the inside out. When this happens, the drain line(s) will have to be replaced. Do not confuse toxic drain cleaners with the various drain maintenance products that are on the market. These products contain “friendly” bacteria and enzymes.
They work great to keep any drain sludge and grease from building up in the pipes.

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Q. How soon can you get here?

A. Our staff is always ready to serve you; we guaranteed to be at your home in 45 minutes or less from the time, you call our office and schedule an appointment. We can also schedule a time that is convenient to your schedule. We are open 7 days a week 24 hours a day, with no additional charge for emergency calls.

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Q. How much do you charge?

A. California Rooter and Plumbing always provides you with a well trained professional who will personally address your need and quote you a fair price. We are happy to provide a free estimate of our very reasonable rates. We have the best prices in town… We will beat any written estimate by 10% or more.

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Q. Why should I select California Rooter and Plumbing?

A. California Rooter and Plumbing has been follows a different business models then all other plumbing companies. Many high profile plumbing companies have come and gone in the last 15years. Most of those worked on the theory of charging premium rates for any service done. Eventually the customer base is depleted as a bad reputation is built. They sell off their assets and sometimes even return with a new name, but same old practices. California Rooter and Plumbing was built to meet all customers’ expectations at the best prices in town. Because we care about our customers and understand that times are hard, we provide a professional, efficient and great customer service. Unlike national chain plumbing companies, California Rooter and Plumbing calls the bay area their home. There is no giant corporation headquarters demanding high prices to sacrifice future business. There are no stockholders demanding a greater return, just hard working professionals trying their best to meet your expectations and keep your future business and hopefully your recommendation to your neighbors too.

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Q. How does Trenchless Works?

Better Results Without Digging

How It Works

Disposers Repair Services

1. The pipe is replaced by digging only two holes – an entry and exit hole.

Drain Field Pipes Repair Services

2. A splitting head is attached to the new pipe and hammers through the old pipe. While the old pipe is being expanded, the new pipe is simultaneously being pulled through the old pipe.

Full Service Residential Plumbing

3. The new pipe will follow the same path as the old pipe. The new pipe will be a joint-free Polyethylene replacement that will far outlast the pipe it is replacing. In addition, because it is seamless, it does not allow roots to penetrate like old jointed sewer pipes do.

New Water Heater Installation Services

4. Up ahead the splitting head is blasting away, making room for the new pipe. Because of the power of the machine used to lay the new pipe it is possible to increase the diameter of the existing pipe by several inches depending on the original diameter.

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Q. The Trenchless Advantage:

  • Avoid excavation of your yard that result in costly re-landscaping fees
  • Trenchless technology saves time and money
  • Replace old, damaged liner or root infested pipes with cured-in-place pipe line
  • Seamless pipes eliminate joints that allow new root intrusion
  • Cured-in-place pipes increase flow capacity

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement technology, allows homeowners to replace old lines without the hassles, interruptions and digging that a normal sewer or pipeline replacement can require. Since no-dig pipeline replacement requires only an entry and exit hole the rest of your lawn can remain just that, a lawn. Pipe bursting requires less digging and less time, therefore it can often mean less money out of your pocket.

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Q. Our commitment to you:

We will provide you with only the best… reasonable prices for any service you need.
We will be at your home in 45 minutes or less, we will get the job done right the first time.
We will NOT charge any additional fees for travel time, emergency service, nights or weekends.
We will provide you with a free estimate and advice you with what we believe is best for you.

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We are here for your plumbing needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week